Cliff Swanson's Home Sandblasting Setup

130_3026 130_3027 130_3028 130_3029 130_3031 130_3033
Air Compressor in the closet
(10x output of blaster to lengthen compressor life; oil cooled.)
truck break exhauster* 
- automatically eliminates water buildup in compressor
line in 
for truck break exhauster
sanding belt allows for 12" sanding and squaring GlaStar Pressure Blaster Iron pipe (evaporative) compressor condensation reclamation
130_3034 130_3035 130_3036 130_3037 130_3038 130_3040
inside cabinet (cut off sleeves from cheap windbreaker) inside cabinet II cabinet open  
(can order all parts separately) 
cabinet closed Dust collector - (6x suction of blaster output) test tiles
set at 25 minute intervals to show glass fusion and other physical changes
130_3041 130_3042 Cliff Swanson added truck break exhauster*, iron pipe condensation line, etc. himself. The entire sandblasting operation is housed in a spare bedroom. Cliff posted a discussion to this bulletin board on sandblasting.
glass kiln
- elements at bottom and lid only
mini kiln
with homemade circuitry for control
*this is my name for the contraption that sounds like a truck's breaks are letting off steam when they stop next to you.