Friday, June 12, 2009

My studio makes me smile...This is just the East side: drafting table as beading and painting arena, writing desk as holder of special things and glass cabinet with assorted boxes of glass and tools... throught the window you see my tall sculpture - 400lbs of salt-fired clay cubes.

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hello Elanore!

Sure! If you'll have me, I'd be honored to serve a term on the board of NC REAL!

What I've been up to...

In January of this year, between the mock up of a glass and metal design idea ("Lightbridge II") for Connect, Inc. and the donated piece ("Mother") bought by a board member at this year's Urban Ministries' birdhouse fund raiser, my Dad passed away and we moved Mom to a skilled nursing facility.

I continue to pluck forward putting my art and freelance monies back into the business for supplies, competition slides and entrance fees but am not in anyway 'paying the bills' as yet. Since graduating, I have been employed part-time at a graphic design job, and continue freelance web and graphic design in and amongst several glass, pottery and sculpture commissions. I have two week's off per month from my part-time job and use that time to concentrate on my marketable art. I also taught two of the design courses at the pottery studio last spring (sharing the wealth!).

I have been able to work out of borrowed clay studio space, found a pottery studio near where my Daughter now lives, and have recently converted my living room and dining room to better suite my current needs including space for Mom's cat...

With this new space in which to stretch my new wings I'm off to complete my 5-foot tall stained glass peacock designed to adorn a garden trellis...

... now I have table space big enough to lay it out on!. (I purchased the contents of a small and ancient stained glass studio last month... I'll be selling some of the equipment and glass when I get around to it.)

I intend to complete the bird this coming week. I aim to then get some mirrored key-holders done (air-dry clay and acrylic with quotes from Bern Williams) before the Portrait Sculpture in Clay class I've signed up for that begins in September.

Best regards,
Randi Jean

p.s. - Did I mention my Son was married this past May and my daughter is set to marry this coming October -- and I'm hand-decorating the invitations!? Am I having fun yet?!

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